one day in college

December 16, 2008 at 3:07 pm (Uncategorized)

What’s in store for me at college?Remember Voldemort from Harry Potter? The scary wizard who no one dared to call by name and kept people guessing about his next move? Well, for many students, college is like Voldermort. Cold, unwelcoming, scary and worst of all, you will never know what to expect! Friends and family will be of little help because adjectives are not adequate to sum up life in college. They will tell you that it will be ‘fun’, ‘exciting’, or ‘cool’, but what is fun, how cool is cool and why is it exciting? Scary indeed, you have so many questions with no where to find answers.
Okay, before we delve deeper into college life let’s talk about school. You are about to end your schooling life and you’re probably feeling delirious about never having to wear school uniforms again. Certainly, there are many who are counting the days before school ends, waiting to dye your hair pink or to just to go out there and do something crazy. Soon, you will have to start thinking about your future and going to college. How do you choose a college, most importantly, WHAT GOES ON BEHIND THE BRICK WALLS OF A COLLEGE?
Many students will never know the answer until they actually go to college. No, there is no Harry Potter who will help you fend off Voldermort, you will have to face him yourself. But, the people from Taylor’s University College (bless their kind souls) has devised an ingenious solution that will help you understand and actually watch what goes on in the life of a college student.
College Life in One Day (CLIOD) is a programme to feed your curious minds with information and knowledge about what goes on in a day in the life of a college student… click to read

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